Mestex Navigation Ltd

Местекс Навигейшен

Крюинг переехал с ул.Люстдорфская дорога 162


город Одесса
ул. Генуэзская, 24-Б
Офис 623


АЕ 272405
На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Местекс Навигейшен» в городе Одесса.

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Our company offer well educated, trained & qualified seafarers for various types of vessels including Tankers of all types, Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax vessels. Crew from Ukraine meets the highest standards and requirements. There are no trifles in ship job, that is why our crewing agency approach careful and professional to marine human resources. Our crewing agency selects crew, taking into accounts not only the professional qualities, but also personal characteristics - a favorable microclimate in the crew a pledge of ship job quality.