Lemissoler Ukraine SC

Лемиссолер Украина

Крюинг переехал с ул. Успенская 12


город Одесса
пр-т Шевченко, 4-Д
Офис 97/98


АВ 585106
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Общая информация

Facts The Lemissoler Group throughout the years has managed to build a reputation based on being environmentally conscious and offering various punctual shipping services. The services offered by the group are none other than crew, technical, corporate, chartering, insurance, new building, and travel services. The following are the key group facts:

Facts embedded in Lemissoler’s culture:

Zero tolerance to bad quality Motivation and dedication of our employees Involvement of the top management Strength in cost saving control Strength in maximizing revenue/minimizing off-hires Impressive planning Credibility and reliability Teamwork 24/7

Facts in brief:

More than 15 years experience A shore management team of about 110 professionals
Lemissoler has about 600 seafarers in its crewing pool
An educated pool of Engineers, Naval Architects, Master Mariners, Chartered Shipbrokers, Financial & Market Analysts The Group has offices in 8 main cities around the world and is represented in an additional 6 countries

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