Dobson Fleet Management Ukraine (DFM)

Добсон Флит Менеджмент Украинa (ДФМ)


город Одесса
ул. 25-ой Чапаевской Дивизии, 6-В
(4 этаж)


АВ 347309
На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Добсон Флит Менеджмент Украинa (ДФМ)» в городе Одесса.

Общая информация

Услуги для моряков

  • consulate authentication of documents and certificates -background verification and references checking -computer testing of professional and language skills (Marlins Online) -support in obtaining visas ((USA, Schengen, Indian and other). -medical examination (P&I approval health centers only)

Типы судов

  • Bulk Carrier fleet -Offshore fleet -Container fleet -Ro-Ro, Gastankers -Chemical and oil tankers and many others

We recruit seamen of different ranks from AB to Master, and so for Engine Staff.

Special attention alongside with the professional qualities is paid to the anti-alcohol policy and non-use of drugs as it is a very important problem today.