Anglo-Eastern Ukraine

Англо-Истерн Украина


город Одесса
ул. Балковская, 84
Офис 401 (4 этаж)
Б-Ц Престиж


АЕ 460886
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Общая информация

Типы судов

  • Bulk Carriers -Container Ships -Heavy Lift Vessel -LNG’s -Offshore Vessels -Research Vessels -Ro-Ros / Car Carriers -Tankers - Gas , Oil , Chemicals -Yacht Carriers -Yachts

Компании постоянно требуются

  • капитаны
  • ст. пом. капитана
  • ст. механики
  • механики 2-го разряда
  • рядовой состав

Cadet Program

Since 2010 Anglo-Eastern Ukraine has started it’s own Cadet Program. We hire cadets for handymax and capsize bulk carrier vessels of Belgian Shipowner BOCIMAR. We usually place one Deck and one Engine cadet on each vessel.

To pretend to Deck / Engine cadet position you should

  • Be a student of Ukrainian Maritime Educational
  • Organizations -Pass interview with Superintendent -Pass Tests: Maritime English, Professional -Pass MEETS cadet program familiarization; -Pass Induction briefing familiarization (Set 1)

After being selected cadets are professionaly developed and monitored from induction stage to promotion to the rank of the Officer / Engineer.

На карте отмечено расположение крюинга «Англо-Истерн Украина» в городе Одесса.